Es gibt immer was zu tun // 2022
at Obolo Vienna

The paintings in this exhibition are playful adaptations of the myth of Sisyphus. After months Covid-induced uncertainty I began imagining myself as this figure.

The repeated pushing, lifting, and hoisting of the large boulder shaped my images. They are sketches of a world that originated from my own imaginings, a liberation from natural constraints, attempts to design oneself out of subjugation. But they also emerged from a mischievous joy of repeatedly causing the treacherous rock to thunderously crash into the valley.

As part of the exhibition an artist book with texts by Alexander Gratze, Anna Steinhäusler, Antonio Neto, Assunta Abdel Azim Mohammed, Dunja Krcek, Matthias Kappa, Sophie Vitove, Tina Krapfenbauer and Tobias Klingler was released.

all photography by Valentin Blüml