Apoll packte das schlechte Gewissen.
Apoll seized by a guilty conscience. // 2023

two site specific instalation with Eva Eichinger, Emma Kling, Lorenz Kunath and Paul Robas

Some myths endure even though everyone is aware that the central aspects of their narrative do not correspond to reality anymore. As the patron of aging Western ideals of beauty and art, apoll and his attributes no longer seem to be in tune with a contemporary discourse. The situation is similar to that of the automobile. As guarantor of freedom and mobility, it should have had it’s day long ago, and yet it lingers stubbornly, en masse on the streets.
In two artistic installations, questions about the permanence of myths are touched upon and visual possibilities of a contemporary and sustainable form of these narratives are sought.

Text by Cornelia Lein, all Photography by Lorenz Kunnath and Emma Kling