A place to live - reimagining Tbilisi // 2023

a group show at the Center for Contemporary Art Tbilisi

with works by Karine Fauchard, Tamar Gurgenidze, Helmut Heiss, Lazar Lyutakov, Nanuka Lagidze, Thea Moeller, Matthias Ramsey, Linus Riepler, Mima Schwahn, Aleksi Soselia, Data Tsintsadze

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, Georgia underwent a series of radical socio-political transformations. Over the past 30 years the capital city of Tbilisi has been the centre stage of these political, social and architectural upheavals. The rapid modernization of the city has created a strange fusion of old and new. It’s historical structures coexist with sprawling brutalist architecture of concrete, steel and glass. Our project is an intensive and critical examination of the urban space of Tbilisi with visual art as its vehicle and with the aim of inspiring visions of the city’s future. In the medium of sculpture and large-scale installation the invited artists are developing an imaginary city of Tbilisi - in a collaborative process they are exploring the connections between people, places and nature and are reflecting on the future of the city together with the local audience.